Kuryokhin: second life

Skjermbilde 2017-10-15 kl. 16.58.58

SO for this blogpost I am going to write about Kuryokhin: second life. I was supposed to write about this one in my last blogpost, but I wrote about High Muck A Muck instead… Lena had a presentation about this piece already, but I am going to write my opinion about it anyways.. So now comes my review of Курёхин: вторая жизнь (Kuryokhin: Second Life)

Michael Kurtov is the author of this piece. He is a philosopher and writer. In the statement it explains that this piece is “a (meta)simulator of Sergey Kuryokhin’s afterlife, an IF loosely based on the bio of the avantgarde composer and the legendary leader of Leningrad’s cultural life in the 1980s and early 1990s. (Meta)simulator allows you to earn scores in health, knowledge and madness, while giving you opportunities to rethink the paths of the post-Soviet culture and politics. At a certain point one discovers that the unfolding story is just an attempt of media-archaeologists from the far future to reconstruct the lost simulator of Kuryokhin (hence the concept of metasimulation).”

Skjermbilde 2017-10-15 kl. 15.46.41  This piece is originally in Russian, but luckily for us – it is translated into English!

It is a lot of text in this story, and along the way we see links that are cooperated into the text. Sometimes it is just a few links, and other times it is many.. And as we read in the statement before we started to read it said that the whole point is to “earn scores in health, knowledge and madness”. So this is going to be interesting. What I also have noticed is that this piece can take a few minutes to go thru, or it can take you a lot longer time. You also need to go thru it multiple times, just to see if there is something you missed the other times. Another thing that you can think about is that if you remember what options you clicked the last time, you can click on different ones the next time — just so that you can see if the health, knowledge and madness changes differently.

Skjermbilde 2017-10-15 kl. 16.03.06

At the beginning, before you get to click on any of the options, you get a 5/10 on each of the stages.. and the further you go, it changes. If you get low on for example health.. you die. So you need to be careful!

Skjermbilde 2017-10-15 kl. 16.16.18

If you pick the wrong options, you can quickly end up in the hospital — and that is a place you dont want to end up. You can die there, and then you have to start over, all the way at the beginning. But as you can read above — I didn’t die that time, luckily I had enough knowledge to resist the disease and I recovered quickly — wohooo.

What we noticed when Lena had the presentation about this piece in class, is that you need to try the same links multiple times — because they can lead you to something you didn’t see the first time you tried to click on it. If you feel like you´re stuck, at least try to click on the link 3-4 times to see if it pops up something new.


What I didn’t like about this piece is that it can get a bit boring with just the text all the time. I personally enjoy pieces more if they have illustrations, pictures, colors, music etc..

What I really liked about this piece is that you kind of can create a story of your own, or at least you feel like it.. it kind of feel like you matter to the piece. I recommend trying it.. more than one time 😉



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