Taroko Gorge Remixes

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For this blogpost I am going to be looking at the piece “Taroko Gorge remixes”: Toroko Gorge Remixes . As they write in the beginning of the editorial statement:” Inspired by a visit to Taroko Gorge in Taiwan, Nick Montfort’s modest, procedurally-generated poem has produced an entire subgenre of remixes, remakes, constrained writing experiments, and parodies. The original Taroko Gorge brings together the enormous scale and diversity of geological space with the recombinatorial potential of computation.”

The pieces in this collection of remixes are we going to check out  “Along the Briny Beach” and “Snowball”. Lets start with the first one.

Along the Briny Beach

In the authors statement it says; “Along the Briny Beach considers the conundrum of coastlines. The horizontally scrolling texts quote authors who are writing about coastlines to evoke a condition of being in between places. The vertical scrolling text is an adaptation of Nick Montfort’s Taroko Gorge.”

The first thing I notice is the text on the left side of the screen. It appears little after little down the page. When it comes to a certain point, the text starts to move upwards, more and more text appears. The text mentions waters, lagoons, iceberg, the sea, riptides, boats, floating, sea creatures… everything has to do with water, beaches.. things that we maybe think about or experience during a walk on a briny beach…?

Skjermbilde 2017-10-26 kl. 11.48.34

This text just keeps rolling. Other things is also happening here, text and sometimes images appears horizontally. This is randomly generated. Algorithm is always running in the background. Computer generates text through an algorithm. This is the part that is interactive – you can move your mouse over the screen, and when it touch the text, it either stops, or goes faster across. It is four lines with text and all of them moves in different speed. As Mia said in class, this is probably meant to mirror the waves that comes in and out on the beach? 

In one of the horisontal texts I noticed it is a story about a walrus, a carpenter and oysters.. The walrus and the carpenter meets a group of oysters;  “oh oysters come and walk with us” the oyster said.. They were hesitant to come with, but they did at last.. they walked along the briny beach together. they came to a rock, and all the oysters stood and waited in line.. wondered what they were going to do. … walrus put up bred and vinegar and said it was time to eat.  When they were done eating the carpenter said something like; oh oyster, should we leave? but no answer to come. he had eaten everyone. (or something like that, it was hard to remember the exact words.. but !! ALICE IN WONDERLAND! It is the exact story from alice in wonderland!! The story of when the walrus eats all the tiny cute oysters!!:


So funny. I really enjoyed this because I recognized the story!!

Okay. So now over to the next one; Snowball

“Snowball is generated by using words, colors and codes. The texture does not only resemble the coldness of autumn in snow, but also conveys a poetic concept regarding the flow of emotions as one feels and experiences in a snowy day. The slippery white poem in contrast with the gray backgrounds make you stumbling over the verses.”

Skjermbilde 2017-10-26 kl. 12.53.05

It is not as much happening in this piece as the briny beach one. The text appears the same way, but with no horisontal text or images. I notice that in the background it is code that is probably used to make this Elit piece, that is kind of cool. In this text it is about snow, just as the briny beach was about things that you can notice on a beach — this one is about what you notice when it is snowy outside. But this text is just moving in the same speed the whole time, we can not interact with this.. SO. I am not going to say a lot more about that, because this blogpost is long enough already.


Because I didn’t write any blogpost last week, I am going to write a little about my ideas for my Elit piece that I am going to make. I think I am going to use google documents with links, pictures, maybe drawings and text. This because I dont think I am able to do it any other way, at least I can’t think of any other way to make this right now. I want to make this piece about my family, my closest family — my siblings, mom and dad and my grandma. I have a big family and I feel like it would be cool to make a piece about them. Maybe with interviews about certain times in life that we enjoyed.. family trips maybe, and maybe a little bit about the personality to each of them.. I dont exactly know yet, but I am going to figure it out 🙂 

Thanks for reading!


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