My elit project

At first I thought I wanted to make a Elit piece of my family, I just didn’t know what I was going to focus on. After I have thought about this for a while, I decided that I want to make a piece about my grandma. My grandma is 88 years old and she lives in Bergen. It just takes me 15 minutes to walk to her apartment. I therefore try to visit her as often as I can. When I´m visiting, she always have a lot of stories to tell. Stories from her childhood, stories of where she used to work, where she used to live, stories from my childhood and a lot more. She lived during the war, and that is also very exiting to hear about! She also likes to show old pictures and letters, which I think will be too cool to use in the piece. I also think that the pictures and letters is going to be some of the most interesting parts of my piece.  I gathered some photos from Google, just to show some of the kind of photos I was thinking of using:

Creepy-old-picture-1 f79455950e848423f6e1e0209099a8e3--old-letters-vintage-letters.jpg imagesphylis and adele 1940s orig.jpg

She has a lot of letters and photos, so that would be fun to look thru and use.

My grandma also writes in her journal every day, and she never forgets to write. I can therefore also use some journal entries in my piece!

So my idea so far is to write about her life and some of her life with me. I want to share her story! And it would be interesting to write about how she experienced the war etc…

I dont have everything planned yet, but I am thinking of using wordpress to make blogposts and links (like this for example; My grandma was born in 1929  …….). And then link them to each other. I dont know any other way I can do it…

I think this is going to be interesting for others to read about, and see real letters and pictures from her past. She has lived a very fascinating life, and I am very exited to make a piece about it! I hope you think this is a good idea too!


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